Pillar Rebuilds

A Pillar is an important structure for your house. As a masonry column, it provides structural support to your porch roof, keeping your home stable and hazard-free. Some homes are also equipped with non-structural pillars. These pillars can add a beautiful aesthetic to the exterior of your property, complementing your home’s design and style. A correct “footing” for them will ensure that your pillar has a stable foundation and does not shift over time.

Signs Your Pillar Needs Rebuilding

While pillars provide valuable support for your home, they also sometimes need support themselves. If you ignore the condition of your pillar, you could be bringing hazardous conditions to your porch. You can inspect the condition of your pillar by looking for the following signs:
If you find that any of these signs might apply to your home’s pillars, it could be time to contact a professional. A licensed mason is able to inspect the pillars and confirm any doubts you might be having. They are then able to carry out the pillar rebuilding and repair, so that both your porch and home is safe and stable.

Finding Pillar Rebuilds & Repairs in Toronto

If you are looking for pillar rebuilds or repairs in Toronto, Straight Up Masonry is here to assist you and give your home a welcome facelift. Straight Up Masonry consists of a husband and wife team with years of experience servicing Toronto in pillar rebuilds, repairs and renovations. Our mission is to deliver the best craftsmanship possible to your home.
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