Brick Facing and Veneer Repair

Brick has been a reliable material used by mankind for centuries. In fact, some of the world’s greatest structures have been built from bricks. Nowadays, brick facings and veneers can be found across many homes in Toronto, York and Scarborough. Brick is a popular choice and offers the perfect balance of a long-lasting structure and an aesthetic design.

Signs Your Brick Facade or Veneer May Need Repair

While brick is an exceptionally strong building material, it does require occasional attention, especially in older homes made using outdated masonry techniques. To find out if your brick or stone facade requires attention, inspect your property for the following signs:
If you choose to ignore these signs, you could risk having a potential hazard on your property. This hazard could be dangerous for your family and result in costly repairs and renovations in the future. Luckily, with the help of a licensed mason in Ontario, your brick veneers and facades can be restored to mint condition.

Brick Veneer and Facing Repair in Toronto

If you are concerned about the brick work on your Toronto home, Straight Up Masonry is here to help! We have accumulated many years of professional experience in masonry across Toronto, York and Scarborough. Whereas other masons focus on sales and hidden costs, Straight Up Masonry consists of a husband and wife team with the mission to give your home a brand-new facelift. Being licensed experts, we know how to thoroughly inspect your property’s brickwork and advise you on the best way to restore your home.
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